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Power of the pack: how female leaders can help support and trigger more success

The media industry has always been very male dominated, and now that the tide is turning with more women in positions of leadership, it is time we celebrate that. But even more critically, it is time for female leaders in the world of media to come together and share their experiences, their compassion, and their wisdom to help support and encourage the success of all women in workplace.

This was what was discussed at the Women in Media Lunch, hosted by Outbrain and Hearst UK, held during the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

The Drum caught up with some of the women at the lunch to discuss why it is important for influential women in the media industry to support each other better.

There has never been a better time for “like minded women to come together and share years of their experience in the industry,” according to Outbrain managing director of Northern Europe, Stephanie Himoff.

Zenith global head of clients, Tamina Plum shared her personal experiences and said how in her formative years she saw girls being “competitive rather than collaborative” in workplace, and how she would rather see her female peers not just recognise each other’s work but also help support each other.

“Recognition of women in our industry is so important, to help us elevate the work that is being done by women across all organisations,” Plum explained.

Dr Moira Gilchrist, VP scientific and public communications at Philip Morris International also shared her personal experience, having turned 50 last year. “I have turned into a slightly different personality and I wish I had had this personality when I’d first entered the workforce 30 years ago,” she said, adding that she did not care anymore how people saw her or what they think of her.

Her advice to young women is to “let yourself shine, and let your confidence come out. Will you progress faster? I don’t know. I don’t think I will ever know!”

Gilchrist added her focus now is to be her “real and authentic self.”

Jane Wolfson, head of commercial operations, Hearst UK, added: “At Hearst we have some great opportunities for women, and we have 75% female workforce and that is replicated in the senior leadership team as well. So people can see clear career progression for themselves.”

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