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By John Glenday, Reporter

June 21, 2019 | 2 min read

Low-cost mobile carrier Smarty is aiming to make a name for itself with the launch of a fun psychological experiment in which reserved shoppers are pushed toward asking for a discount.

The Corner Shop saw it take over a run-of-the-mill newsagent by festooning the floor space with an array of neon coloured signage shouting at customers to ‘ask for a discount’ wherever they looked. For anyone who failed to get the message, the shopkeeper himself wore a T-shirt with the same message before lying in wait for any unsuspecting patrons.

Created by Gravity Road the resulting piece is billed as a challenge to so-called ‘British reserve’ by challenging people to discover their innate ability to negotiate a deal for their milk and bread.

Hidden cameras tracked the results as customers were split between those determined to pay the sticker price and others who grabbed the opportunity to walk out with a bargain. This is all orchestrated to show that customers can get money back on unused data each month.

Gravity Road creative director, Nick Hearne commented: “Taking the fluorescent language of the corner shop deal to the extreme was pure art directional joy. It shows that in this time of relentless visual bombardment, we might not even notice that the best deal is staring us right in the face...probably in big neon letters, flanked by inflatable wavy arm guys.”

Smarty has previously drawn attention to the choices people make in life with its Smarty/not Smarty campaign.

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