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Accenture Interactive creates 'Memory Lane' AI project to tackle elderly loneliness


By Imogen Watson, Senior reporter

April 30, 2019 | 3 min read

Accenture Interactive has created a project for the Swedish energy company, Stockholm Exergi, that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle elderly loneliness.

Accenture Interactive launches an AI solution to tackle elderly loneliness

Accenture Interactive launches an AI solution to tackle elderly loneliness

Following medical research into elderly health, Accenture Interactive discovered that loneliness accelerated health problems including depression and early-stage dementia in the elderly.

To combat this, it created a project titled 'Memory Lane' that uses a voice assistant combined with conversational artificial intelligence to capture stories for future generations.

Using Google Voice Assistant, 'Memory Lane' invites someone who is lonely to tell their life story. Once captures, the discussion is then instantly converted into both a physical book and a podcast.

'Memory Lane' essentially co-writes a story by human and machine that can be shared by participants with future generations.

Ingegerd Brusewitz

Discussing the project, Thomas Gibson, chief marketing officer at Stockholm Exergi said: “For more than 100 years, Stockholm Exergi has warmed Stockholmers with our energy services and through social outreach.

"We wanted to take a bigger step towards making Stockholm a warmer place for all and we knew Accenture Interactive could help us develop something that would create true impact. Initially, we’re looking to help improve elderly health and take a step towards a more inclusive and socially sustainable Stockholm.”

Adding to this, Adam Kerj, Nordics chief creative officer at Accenture Interactive said: “When people experience little to no social interaction over extended periods of time, it can cause a sharp decline in their mental and physical health. In the two years we spent developing the software and the concept of the platform, we observed the urge to share stories by lonely participants was incredibly strong.

"To this end, we not only wanted to develop something that could hold a human-like conversation with them, but also capture those memories so they didn’t end up untold.”

The project has its own webpage where the videos can be viewed, as well as being available Apple Podcasts.

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