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Purina creates a vet billboard it actually needs dogs to pee on

Pet food brand Purina has run a wellbeing stunt for dogs, by creating an interactive billboard that scans canine urine for diseases.

The brand has tapped into interactive out of home advertising with a specially built installment that scans the urine of passing canines. The Street Vet stunt, from McCann Paris, was created to disrupt dog checkups and displace steep vet bills.

In practise, the installment uses dog pheromones to attract the pets to the ad where they, like clockwork, urinate into a drain that will take and analyse their sample.

The Yncrea engineering school and veterinary clinic VetParis7, worked to develop a kit that could detect four illnesses, kidney problems, urinary infection, high cholesterol or diabetes.

The chart can be printed out and delivered to vets to help identify any problems.

Véronique Herman, marketing manager specialist at Nestlé Purina Pet Care, as quoted in AdAge, said: "Purina's objective is to provide simple and efficient solutions to improve the wellness of our pets. We wanted to raise awareness on the importance of veterinary check-ups, but also to offer a solution that fits in the daily lives of pet owners - the daily walk on the street or in the park."

Purina is not the first advertiser urging the public to pee on its ads, Ikea last year urged pregnant mothers to pee on a print ad in order to claim a crib for their newborns.

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