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US Creative Work of the Week: paint brand Kilz gets emotional

Kilz 'Reveal' goes for emotional connection

Who knew paint could make people so emotional? Apparently, paint brand Kilz, which ran away with the voting this week to take top honors as the US Creative Work of the Week.

Kilz took paint ads to an emotional level with the new campaign for its line of primers, which lay the foundation for the best paint jobs. The lead spot, ‘Reveal’, shows different groups of people being walked into recently painted rooms, then seeing the delight on their faces as their ‘dream rooms’ are first revealed to their eyes.

Five different scenarios play out, from a little girl running up the stairs and a husband covering his pregnant wife’s eyes as he walks her forward to a couple beckoning a grandfather to come see something. Then the viewer sees the pleased reactions from gasps to smiles and tears. The spot closes with “every project is worth it,” the Kilz logo and a button pointing viewers to “see what they see.”

The idea was to recreate the suspense of home improvement shows, which tease into commercial breaks with guests’ extreme reactions to something being revealed off-camera.

The campaign also involves several layers of content to take audiences from inspiration to education and preparation.

The video ad leads to an interactive landing page entitled “Every project is worth it,” which shows the five rooms that the characters are reacting to. Each is a common occasion to repaint, and provides both before-and-after comparisons and step-by-step instructions.

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