DWP accused of 'throwing away money' at £315k Gogglebox pensions ad

The Department for Work and Pensions has been accused of squandering taxpayers’ money after it emerged the public sector body had lavished £315k to recruit families from hit Channel 4 reality show Gogglebox to promote workplace pensions.

The campaign saw several of the famous families take to their sofas to discuss the merits of the scheme, enabling the department to communicate directly with workers

Reacting to the news, revealed by a freedom of information request, shadow minister Laura Pidcock commented: “Across the country families are struggling thanks to Universal Credit and the benefits freeze.

“They will rightly be fuming when they find out the Department for Work and Pensions is throwing away money like this, but it really does not surprise me at all.”

A DWP spokesman defended the allocation of resources, stating: “Gogglebox reaches millions of people who feel a real connection with the families on their screens. This partnership was a unique opportunity to kick-start a national conversation about pensions in living rooms across the country.”

Gogglebox has proven to be irresistible to advertisers with Suzuki becoming the latest brand to partner with the format.