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Ads We Like: Hilton keeps John and Yoko’s dream of peace alive in ‘Room 702’ campaign

When John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their famous ‘Bed-In for Peace’ at the Hilton Amsterdam in room 702, they were protesting the Vietnam war while promoting world peace. To honor the cultural impactful their honeymoon activism had, Hilton is releasing special video content series that highlights the spirit the couple intended back in 1969.

The videos touch on a wide range of topics, from sustainability to workplace culture, through the stories of two strong and inspiring Hilton team members – one who is a refugee and one who is an immigrant.

The introduction to each video shows that Hilton’s founder, Conrad Hilton, grew his company globally on the belief that world travel could lead to better understanding among people, and contribute to global peace. He openly welcomed the Ono and Lennon and the history they added to the brand.

Using the 50th anniversary of the Bed-In (25 March) as inspiration, Hilton’s Room 702 videos pay tribute to Conrad Hilton’s vision as well as honor Hilton Team Members who are living out these values. One chronicles the touching and inspirational tale of Ismaeil Dawod, a refugee who sought new opportunities in Germany and found a job at Hilton Frankfurt where he is now engaged in an apprenticeship program. His moving story shows his determination to start his life over, use his new language skills to assist other refugees and find acceptance and success in the Hilton world.

The other shows Serby Castro, a suite attendant who has brought thousands of recycled soap bars from hotels to underprivileged children and families in the Dominican Republic. She is awarded with a trip to her home country – after being called to room 702 in Orlando – to further the soap recycling efforts.

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