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The Times' unicorn and lion tame political animals in Westminster Zoo ad

The Times and The Sunday Times has launched a new campaign that portrays politicians as animals in 'Westminster Zoo' as the publisher tries to reinforce its commitment to keeping readers informed in confusing times.

Capturing the current mood of the nation, the 'Politics. Tamed' campaign anthropomorphizes politicians as animals in a similar vein to Orwell's Animal Farm.

Designed by News UK's in-house agency, Pulse Creative, the ad sees squawking parrots, hysterical hyenas, slippery snakes and every-changing chameleons adorn the green benches of the House of Commons.

Reiterating how it is newspaper's jobs to 'tame politics,' only the lion and the unicorn - from the crest in The Times masthead - can bring order to the proceedings.

The campaign launched on Thursday night with eye-catching projections of the zoo scene on the Houses of Parliament. Then a 20-second ad launched across social media platforms, using the promoted hashtag #PoliticsTamed.

John Witherow, editor of The Times, said: “As Britain’s most trusted national newspaper, The Times consistently provides quality journalism and incisive commentary from across the political spectrum. Our campaign captures the national mood of confusion and frustration, while we at The Times seek to bring clarity and balance to our reporting of this pivotal moment in British politics.”

Catherine Newman, chief marketing officer at the publisher added: “Right now there is so much information from so many sources it's hard to make sense of it all. The Politics.Tamed. campaign aims to address this.

"The Times has been making sense of politics since 1785, so when people don't know where to turn, we want to remind them that The Times and The Sunday Times offer the guidance and analysis they need. We are fiercely proud of our brands and of this campaign.”

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