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BMW releases X7 with an epic poem recounting a tale of triumph over challenges

BMW released its 7 Series in Europe with a cinematic ad where the car appeared to be taking off into the clouds like a jet. For the introduction of its X7, it's going big again – telling the ‘Legend of Ol’ McLanden’ in an ambitious, epic poem.

Actor Chris Pine is charged with telling the mysterious folk tale in which McLanden (an unseen driver) braves the challenges of cityscapes, dockyards, mountains and more, all behind the wheel of an X7. McLanden is shown conquering everyday obstacles, but these hurdles are blown up to mythical proportions thanks to the poem’s large language.

“McLanden beat Roy the Destroyer with ease and brought all the Razorback Rogues to their knees,” says Pine, referring to a giant jackhammer operator and a gang of Mad Max-like motorcycle riders, respectively.

McLanden’s ordinary day becomes legendary at every turn. Besides the two mentioned marauders the X7 faces a Poseidon-like city worker, shifty dock gangs and a genius and his fiendish lawyer. In the end, it’s revealed that McLanden isn’t a larger-than-life mythological character, but actually an ordinary, albeit fierce woman picking up a group of school girls. The tagline is 'Make every day legendary'.

To bring the poem to life, BMW's agency of record Goodby Silverstein & Partners enlisted the help of MJZ and commercial director Dante Ariola. A behind-the-scenes video shows the complex CGI that went into making the ad.

You can watch the videos by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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