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Why your brand needs a media centre at a motor show

TVC Group on the lessons to learn from motor car shows.

Motor shows are tent-pole events in the auto calendar. It’s a time when even non-automotive media turn their focus on the sector for the latest trends, tech developments, new vehicles and futuristic concepts or to check in on the health of the market. But with so many brands and so much news, competition for share of voice is fierce.

While some brands might be scaling back their motor show presence (the big German manufacturers opted out of Detroit this year), a study by Prime Research showed that media credentials issued for the Detroit show in 2018 remained stable and media coverage actually rose 46% from 2017, generating 564 million impressions.

The big global shows - Paris, Frankfurt and Geneva - attract media from all over the world. Our in-house media relations team, who are no strangers to a motor show, have also observed a shift in who attends press days. There is a huge increase in tech reporters (in fact the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is now considered one of the most important car shows) and new online-only broadcasting channels and influencers are arriving on the scene. Traditional media are also gathering news for their multiple channels and tailoring their outputs to suit these segmented audiences. This means brands need to cater to all of these appetites.

Give the people what they want

TVC conducted a survey on what media influencers want when accessing brand content. A significant majority of those surveyed (87.5%) said they expected to be able to access royalty-free multimedia content from an online media centre.

A good media centre will be an easy-to-navigate platform that allows journalists, producers and influencers to find content that’s just right for their channel in the format that they need; be it broadcast-ready B-Roll, consumer-ready social edits, brand films, editorial web videos, press kits, infographics, photography, or even live-streaming capabilities.

Gone are the days of plying journos with glossy printed press kits and surely it’s not long until EPKs on branded USB keys are a thing of the past. A media centre can get your news and content to people whether they attend your press conference or not, and even to non-attending media around the world.

Control the content

Car brands spend big money making high-end content that will showcase their vehicles at their best; dynamic beauty B-Roll captured in exotic locations, beautifully-lit photography shot at just the right height and angle. And media want to use it. Sure, today’s mobile tech and lightweight affordable video equipment means press can easily create content for themselves but what they capture is a static car, under artificial lights with swarms of crowds blocking their shots. They’re also in a rush and not always seasoned cameramen. High quality footage means they deliver better content to their audiences, and your car can stand out from the rest.

Sharing is caring

Brands try all manner of tricks to get media to swing by (and linger at) their booths; some of their methods include complimentary caffeine- and carb-fueling stations, decent wi-fi or comfy seats (motor shows are murder on the feet). If there’s one thing brands can do to make journalists happy, it’s to make their jobs easier by giving them frictionless access to high quality content in the formats that they need, when they need it. A media centre is a one-stop shop designed for distribution.

Media centres powered by TVC’s DNA engine

TVC has designed and built bespoke media centres for some of the biggest names around and recently picked up a coveted Digital Impact Award for the Bacardi Media Centre.

With 20 years in the content creation, distribution and media relations game, we’ve listened to what media want and created powerful newsrooms which offer:

  • Frictionless user experience: Easy to find, easy to navigate, supports multiple asset types and formats, incorporating HD, 2K and 4K video capabilities
  • Convenient sharing: one click link sharing and social sharing via the media centre
  • Accessibility: IOS and android apps mean brands can share content on the go and media and influencers always have your news in their pockets
  • Flexibility: add content to a campaign page as it's created. Start the day with your beauty B-Roll and later add assets created from Press Conference cuts, content created on the booth
  • Customisation: newsroom features tailored to each brand’s needs

To find out more about our media centres and apps, contact and our team can discuss your requirements plus top tips on optimising your media centre for your motor show campaigns.

Moira Kan is a senior account director at TVC Group.

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