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Glad demonstrates strength of its garbage bags with weight lifting trash collector

Glad, looking to get Canadian consumers to like its brand of trash bags, has enlisted the help of the comedy duo The Perlorian Brothers to bring to life a character that emphasizes strength and caring.

‘Big Lift’ focuses on the oft-unheralded trash bag category expert, one who deals with garbage on a daily basis and appreciates bags that don’t break or leak: the trash collector. For the new campaign, Glad has brought back the garbage man first introduced in 2017’s ‘Thank You’ campaign, who demonstrates the benefits of Glad products with a long, uncomfortable hug. That campaign upended what was traditionally a staid advertising category by introducing a bit of zany humor.

“Glad has been a trusted leader in Canadian homes for decades,” said Matt Kohler, marketing vice president for The Clorox Company, which owns the Glad brand. “We want to build on that trust. Although it’s a low-engagement category, we can reach consumers through creative and engaging storytelling.”

The new spot opens on a man stepping out of his house on his way to work, only to encounter his garbage man, standing at the end of his driveway.

As orchestral music swells in the background, that the garbage collector isn’t just taking the bags and throwing them in the truck. Instead, he’s got one in each hand, and is heaving them above his head. It’s an unexpected workout from a man who fully trusts that these bags won’t break over his head.

As the confused homeowner then slowly retreats back inside his house and watches from behind a curtain, the garbage man continues performing feats of strength, like arm curls, with the bags. The spot concludes with the garbage man proudly lying on the ground and embracing the Glad bag, accompanied by the tagline ‘Guaranteed Strong.’

“Reaching for a garbage bag solution that is just ‘good enough’ can have messy consequences for customers,” said Jeff Hilts, chief creative officer at FCB Canada. “They know they can count on Glad bags because they’re guaranteed strong. We wanted to demonstrate the strength in a way that surprises consumers and presents Glad products in a different light.”

The campaign is set to run through June 2.

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