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TimeTo campaign seeks to stamp out sexual harassment at advertising's Christmas parties

TimeTo has followed up its October ‘Where Do You Draw The Line?’ campaign with new messaging designed specifically for the Christmas office party season, to clearly demark the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

Designed to stamp out sexual harassment across the advertising and marketing sector, the latest execution draws attention to the pitfalls presented by group gatherings where three of the biggest risk factors come into play: alcohol, parties and taxis.

Karen Fraser, director of advertising think tank Credos, said: “Over 3,600 people responded to the timeTo study and of those who gave details about their experiences of sexual harassment, 20% mentioned alcohol and 18% work parties or events, while others detailed experiences with colleagues in cabs. The three risk areas - alcohol, parties and taxis - in which sexual harassment is most likely to happen, are also an integral part of the festive season.

"These new ads are a timely reminder of the importance of reading and understanding the timeTo Code of Conduct which has been developed to help everybody enjoy the festive celebrations without fear of sexual harassment.”

Product of a collaboration between the Advertising Association, Nabs and Wacl, the campaign has now been endorsed by 165 companies with the latest recruits including the likes of FCB Inferno, Oath and Spotify.

Incorporating creative developed by Lucky Generals, the campaign will span social media, digital, print, out of home and cinema in an attempt to build on the global #MeToo movement.