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Libresse campaign aims to improve understanding of periods among Malaysian men

Libresse aims to improve understanding of periods among Malaysian men with latest campaign / Libresse

Feminine hygiene brand Libresse has unveiled a campaign to encourage men to understand periods better.

The spot, conceptualised by BBDO Malaysia, titled 'Men-struation' checks the knowledge of few men who are asked questions like what exactly periods are according to them, what are the different kind of pads available and how do women react during periods.

Libresse has also launched a month-long campaign on Facebook which features a character named 'Get Real Bro' who enlightens men about periods through videos and tips.

According to a Libresse statement, most of the women in Malaysia have felt ashamed about their period at some point in their lives, and men are one of the biggest causes of this period shame.

Verene Lee, marketing manager of Fempro Vinda Marketing Malaysia, said: “We believe that period is not a taboo topic, not just amongst women but to all. Using creative storytelling, we continue to drive awareness in normalizing periods and creating a more supportive environment for women.”

AMV BBDO recently won the top accolades at The Drum Advertising Awards 2018 for its Bloodnormal campaign.

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