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Mads Mikkelsen lets loose to spotlight premium Carlsberg beer 'Unfiltered'

Actor Mads Mikkelsen has returned to the fore for Carlsberg, coming back to grant audiences an 'Unfiltered' look at 'The Danish Way'. It is creative agency Fold7's first work for the brand since being hired to the global account last December.

The work sees the kept and pristine Mikkelsen slowly become more rugged and unkempt as he talks up the virtues of Carlsberg's new premium beer - 'Unfiltered'. His look shows the more natural and rougher qualities the brewery wants to put across for its new product. He suggests it is 'probably' the best beer in the world.

Directed by Martin Krejci, the challenge was in getting puppeteers to manipulate Mikkelsen's clothing as he seamlessly lets loose; his hair gets messed up, his top button gets undone, sleeves rolled up and more, as his monologued transformation continues, all manipulated off-screen with as little CGI as possible.

Ryan Newey, chief creative officer and founder, Fold7, said: “The Unfiltered work is a great expansion of the Carlsberg, Danish universe created, it introduces new texture to the campaign as we start to unveil the many innovations the brand has up its sleeve.”

Russell Jones, senior vice president of marketing at Carlsberg, added: “We’re excited to start adding real depth and substance to our well-loved ‘Probably the Best’ positioning. Great tasting beer and Mads with a ‘5 o'clock shadow’ …. What’s not to like?!”

The work helps highlight Carlsberg's back to basics approach to its creative outlined last year.

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