By Elliott Haworth, Writer

October 1, 2018 | 2 min read

Pints, panels and parties all around. The Drum Arms in Cannes earlier this year was just that. Engaging, up close and personal, with the most pertinent industry debates. We opened The Drum Arms with superstar marketer Aline Santos from Unilever and wrapped it up with a bang with a fireside chat with Sir Martin Sorrell.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, right!

If you missed Cannes, then err... unlucky. We’ll see you next year. But if you can’t wait until then, fear not. The Drum Arms, our roving, pop-up-pub on wheels, is coming to New York during Advertising Week in October. Should we call it a bar? Do the US have pubs as such?

They do now. From 2-4 October we’ll be asking the questions you didn’t know needed asking. It will be four days of flurry to inspire creativity and traverse the world of tech, while you meet (and make) friends old and new.

Random fact time: The term ‘arms’ doesn't reference spindly body parts, but a coat of arms — a family name and emblem used throughout history to denote ownership. The Drum Arms has our name on it, and we’re proud of what we have lined up.

Following the success of the pub in London, Austin and Cannes in the last year, we’re doubling-down for the Big Apple. This will be our most decisive, interesting and relevant event yet, at a time when the face of our industry is changing before our eyes. The rulebook has been written, torn up and rewritten — we’re here to read you the latest version, and offer insights into what comes next.

While we don’t doubt Advertising Week will put on a good show, among a sea of other activities at Advertising Week, ours promises to be yet again the off-Broadway version of the usual marketing conference. We’ll see you at The Drum Arms. Cheers.

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