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Jon Wilkins Creative YouTube: Re:View

YouTube Re:View - The Drum Takeover with Jon Wilkins

September 18, 2018 | 5 min read

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Welcome to the YouTube Re:View takeover. This week we have shaken things up with a takeover from a creative industry expert as well as our usual Re:View, all in one week. This feature brings you a YouTube Re:View, but with a twist as renowned chairman of Karmarama, Jon Wilkins, unveils his latest treasures on YouTube.

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

YouTube Re:View

Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer

I first connected Don Glover Junior to Childish Gambino after a tedious transatlantic flight where I watched the first six episodes of Atlanta back to back and loved it. His face was familiar - I loved the movie ‘Get Out’. A bit of online research helped me link this phenomenal guy’s acting to his music, as his track Redbone was used in the opening credits of this film. Since then I’ve become a ‘fan boy’ (or ‘fan man’, which is probably more appropriate these days), devouring all his content and music, and eulogising at length his amazing ‘This is America’ video - alongside many others. This track again blew me away - the music, the use of animation - it's just the best. In my second job I worked for MTV and if anyone today says that ‘the internet will kill the video star’ they're just plain wrong - this is magic.

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KSI vs Logan Paul

This is really all about my kids. I get the YouTubers. In fact, at one of my kids’ parties last year one of their (admittedly less cool) mates asked if I was a YouTuber and I glowed with pride. Anyway, these guys are on it. Anyone who says finding business models for online content is hard need to look at how these guys duck and weave. The fight this video is about took place live at a sold-out Manchester arena and for a mere £7.50 could be watched in a live YouTube Pay Per View. Millions did, 'nuff said.

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Can 10,000 FOAM DARTS Float A Person?

Let’s be honest, we all like a giggle. Advertising still makes us laugh but now people go to greater lengths to promote products in increasingly surreal ways. We know brands and content have blurred in the age of digital video, so I have no idea if this is brand endorsed or not, but what I do know is it’s silly, funny and shareable, which makes it great.

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Ricky & His Columbian Girlfriend Only Communicate by Text

Digital video was also going to kill old fashioned TV, and in many cases the new Netflix generation are challenging the core business model of TV. But these new channels also help draw audiences in. People do dumb things all the time, using the internet to find a dating partner is not one of them but possibly getting engaged to someone in another country, whilst only communicating via text might just turn out to be dumb. What do I know? People find love in all sorts of ways I suppose. Anyway, it works enough to trail a new TV show and draw a few people in along the way.

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Jon Wilkins Creative YouTube: Re:View

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