Hong Kong Tourism Board encourages local to share their perspective of the city in new local project

Hong Kong Tourism Board has unveiled a local project where it is urging locals to share their perspective of the city's local experience by capturing pictures for postcards.

The campaign spot, 'Reframing Hong Kong' is directed by Hong Kong film director, Andrew Lau and features him narrating his take on the city where he talks about his favourite food, various temples who are special in their own way, city transport system and how he keeps capturing those things with his camera.

Hong Kong Tourism Board hopes that this campaign will showcase Hong Kong locals as the city’s best ambassadors by turning them into our official photographers to provide travellers with a new list of must-see locations and must-try experiences, as well as encourage them to truly discover Hong Kong like a local.

Lau said: “Wherever I go, I have my camera with me. There are amazing places everywhere in Hong Kong. Through my lens, I hope to launch a wave of locals who also see Hong Kong as a treasure trove of hidden experiences waiting to be shared.

Michael Knox, chief creative officer of Grey Hong Kong added: “Hong Kong is one of the most photogenic places on the planet. By encouraging locals to capture the city, we’ll celebrate a unique perspective and turn these into shareable travel experiences through postcards and beyond.”

Reframing Hong Kong

Added 30 August 2018
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