DesignStudio Sydney unveil new Stake app

DesignStudio Sydney has unveiled its rebrand of the trading platform Stake, as the company aims to expand into the Australian market.

Stake is a trading platform that aims to help customer world-wide gain access to the lucrative US market by cutting out the middleman, allowing investors to buy and sell more than 3,000 shares directly for $0 brokerage.

The agency redesigned the Stake app with the aim of consolidating on Stake’s ambition to unlock the barriers to trading and investing in the US stock market for Australians. DesignStudio rebranded the app with a new future-focused proposition ‘Never Settle’ and worked with motion partners Never Sit Still to produce a film working around the concept.

Stake CEO, Matt Leibowitz, said: “Stake is about pushing past the ‘it’ll do’ way of thinking and never settling. Trading on Stake doesn’t involve lengthy waiting periods or paying a premium to get your money working for you in the world’s biggest market. It’s as quick and exciting as the market it represents.

“Our recent work with DesignStudio reflects just this and we’re thrilled with the results. Our new brand shows that Aussies who trade on Stake never settle. They have restless ambition. They are the early adopters, pushing boundaries and leaving the old ways behind.”

James Gilmore, creative director, DesignStudio added: “Stake are the antithesis of a traditional, slow moving trading platform. They’re constantly pushing forward, asking provocative questions and challenging expectations. This energy and drive we felt from their people was amazing, a restless ambition to Never Settle which is at the heart of the new Stake brand.

“The journey we’ve been on with Stake has helped them understand and articulate why they’re unlike any other trading platform, what is means for them internally and taking this out into the world through a flexible brand system. The meaningful relationship we built on this journey will continue as they grow.”

DesignStudio has offices in London, San Francisco and Sydney, working on rebrands for clients including Airbnb, The Premier League and Deliveroo.