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UK heatwave inspires WaterAid to design Spotify playlist for four-minute showers

WaterAid has partnered with Y&R to create a Spotify shower playlist designed to help the UK save water through the summer heatwave.

Water companies across the country have begun to encourage showers of four minutes or less as water supplies hit peak demand thanks to weeks of unbroken sunshine and temperatures of 33C.

To encourage this routine of thrifty cleanliness, WaterAid has released a Spotify playlist of 40 songs that all run for four minutes precisely. Songs on offer include Madonna’s Material Girl, All Along the Watchtower by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and even the footie fan favourite Three Lions.

The idea was conceived by Y&R London after seeing the four-minute shower hit headlines. The WPP agency pitched the idea to the charity at 11am on Friday (6 July) and released it that very evening.

Y&R’s chief executive, Paul Lawson, described the project as “music behavioural economics at work”. He said: “We’re really pleased that WaterAid is up for getting involved with such a simple, yet profound, idea.”

WaterAid’s chief executive, Tim Wainwright, added: “The heat is on for both the England team in the World Cup - and the country’s water supplies so we should all do our bit to reduce our water use during the heatwave. Lathering up to Three Lions is a perfect way to build up to the big game on Wednesday and make sure you don’t go into extra time in the shower.

“On average, an eight-minute shower uses around 65 litres of water, which is more than three times the amount many people in the developing world rely on for a whole day.”

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