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Marketing firm Didit makes bid to buy Gawker

Marketing firm Didit makes bid to buy Gawker

Marketing firm Didit has made a $1.1m bid for the defunct gossip website Gawker which is going to a bankruptcy auction.

If its bid prevails, Didit will relaunch the site as "Gawker for Good", publishing "positive" stories and donating half of all advertising and sponsorship revenue to non-profits chosen by readers and content creators.

The original Gawker closed in August 2016 after a Hulk Hogan legal case secretly funded by tech billionaire Peter Theil brought it to financial ruin.

Under Long Island-based Didit's auspices, the new Gawker would deliver content covering entertainment, sports, gaming and celebrity news.

According to David Pasternack, the company's co-founder and chief executive, storytelling is critical for marketing success, so it makes sense for the business to own a platform that is all about storytelling.

Pasternack said: "The explosion of branded content combined with the huge interest in CSR (corporate social responsibility) makes Gawker a logical investment for Didit, and a vehicle that helps our clients and nonprofits."

Bert Brodsky, managing partner at Didit added: "The Gawker brand will allow the Didit team to demonstrate that we can build a platform that delights readers, advertisers, and the nonprofit community, while covering Hollywood, sports, music, and news."

Bids for Gawker are due by 9 July and the auction will be held on 12 July.