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Ad of the Day: Paul Pogba heads up musical Adidas ad, intersecting football and style

Paul Pogba, the Manchester United footballer come lifestyle and cultural icon, is heading up his third 'season' of creative for Adidas.

Pogba, who is as much an influencer now as he is an influence in United's midfield, has unveiled a new range from the sports apparel firm. This encapsulates everything from apparel to sneakers, football boots and more specialised gear carrying Pogba's branding.

The work from Stink Studios goes well beyond football and shows how the right gear and attitude can go a long way. It looks to encapsulates the style and individuality of Pogba, with a Serious Klein laying down his track 'Game Hunt'. In this sense, the ad resembles a music video more than football promo ad.

Pogba previously urged young footballers to follow their own path in Adidas' 'Never Follow' work.

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