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YouTube can now deliver ads specifically to its TV viewers

YouTube seeks TV ad budgets

YouTube is broadening its ad products to account for the vast number of users accessing the app through their TVs.

CNBC quotes Debbie Weinstein, managing director for YouTube video global solutions as saying that TV is the fastest growing area for YouTube, despite 60% of its audience visiting through mobile.

The rise of smart TVs and games consoles hosting the app, in addition to the ability to cast the app from mobile onto the big screen, helped create this environment.

With the announcement, YouTube will be better placed to seize TV advertising spend. These viewers will be categorized on Google AdWords as ‘light TV viewers’.

TV YouTube viewers tend to stay on the app substantially longer than mobile users, due to the TV’s static and passive nature, she said.

Explaining the development, Garrett Goodman, vice president of business development at video creation platform Wochit, said: “YouTube’s move toward television is a brilliant one. As consumers are increasingly looking to merge the TV experience with digital offerings in ‘over the top viewing’ (OTT), marketers are looking to cash in, especially as people now watch almost 150m hours of YouTube each day on TV.”

“Moving into television allows brands to capitalise on generations who have maintained regular viewing habits, as well as those that have switched to a subscription-based service. We’re now seeing an increase in viewers using social platforms like YouTube through their smart TVs and gaming consoles. Brands are catching on to this shifting trend, as spending also shifts. Last year alone, advertisers spent more than £51.7bn ($71bn), as compared to £9.5bn ($13bn) on digital video.”

The new product will be implemented in the final quarter of 2018. Interested buyers will be able to input ads into Google’s premium content through its Google Preferred network.

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