BJL: Our most persuasive campaign ever.

Everyone knows Ronseal has always done everything they can to make DIY easy. From product improvements to new product development to, always, just doing exactly what they say on the tin.

So why are there still so many tired looking, unprotected and flaky fences, doors and decks around the nation?

For our 2018 campaign we asked ourselves what else Ronseal could do? How much easier could they make it? How much further could they go? Hypnosis seemed like the next logical step. But hypnosis presented with tongue firmly in cheek, with that classic Ronseal tone that allows the brand to feel the pain of DIY, while providing the perfect solution.

For the duration of the campaign, Ronseal’s iconic ‘Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin’ strapline evolves into ‘Do Exactly What It Says On The Tin’ to both hammer home the persuasive message and reinforce the meaning of one of the UK’s most famous slogans. A final ‘subliminal’ message to ‘Do The DIY’ is delivered at the end of each advert.

Launching with a 60’ second spot during Gogglebox, and followed by three 30’ second ads which play throughout the Summer. The campaign also features VOD, social, PR, digital and binaural 3D radio, which fully immerses the listener in the hypnotic world – have a listen to the ads with your headphones on – and then find yourself wanting to ‘Do The DIY’.

For more information about BJL, visit their RAR Profile.