By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

January 10, 2018 | 2 min read

Owen Wilson has been making a commercial name for himself in Europe. First, he waxed poetic for Sofology, and now he’s butchering the French language in new spots for Mondelez International’s Oreo peanut butter cookie.

In two of the new spots, Wilson sits on a tranquil French park bench, touting the peanut butter Oreo after saying, in a very American accent, his name and the cookie. In one, he stops a passing jogger and asks him how to say peanut butter. After some awkward exchanges, Wilson ends up saying in French that “this is the Oreo sorry I don’t understand flavour".

A second spot sees him sat on the same park bench, this time being coached by a French man with a walkie-talkie hiding behind a tree. In the same manner, Wilson blurts out everything the man says, even when he is not talking to Wilson, to comic effect.

Other ads find Wilson behind the scenes shooting Oreo commercials, showing off what he thinks is his great grasp of the French language; it isn’t, but Wilson, showing off his deliberately naïve chops, is gold.

The ads, created by Buzzman, are designed to promote the cookie brand in France and Belgium as part of the new Oreo platform.

See the spots by clicking the Creative Works box below.

Oreo: advert-body-1 by Buzzman

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