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WeTransfer collaborates with more than 40 artists to introduce an interactive exhibition

WeTransfer collaborates with more than 40 global artists to introduce an interactive exhibition

WeTransfer has formed an alliance with Stink Studios, Gilles Peterson, Oneohtrix Point Never, Survive and Wanda Diaz Merced to roll out an interactive exhibition titled “A Message from Earth."

The exhibition, which integrates music, film, art and literature, pays tribute to the original Golden Record. Golden Records was the amalgamation of everything human like music, images and sounds which were compiled by astronomer Carl Sagan.

They were placed on NASA’s Voyager I and II, two spacecraft which blasted into space to go further than anything man-made had ever gone before. The Golden Project was intended as a message or way to communicate about life on Earth to extraterrestrial life which might bump into it.

The exhibition aims to encourage further exploration while raising awareness and funding for Astronomers without Borders, the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University and the SETI Institute.

The artists involved include Sophy Hollington, Wanda Díaz Merced, Christian Scott, Nubya Garcia, DJ Edu, Jordan Rakei, Maft Sai, DJ Lefto, DJ Soul Sista, and Dengue Dengue Dengue, DJ Juls, Nai Palm, Fatima Al Qadiri, and Luzmira (of Family Atlantica) Zerpa, Gilles Peterson, Chiara Goia, Albert Bonsfills, Luisa Dörr, Sasha Arutyunov, Kent Andreasen, Aspen Matis, Charlie Skelton, Deepak Chopra, Hannah Giorgis, John Saward, Lawrence Krauss, Musa Okwonga, Nelly Ben Hayoun, The Range, Sara-Kate Astrove, Shelly Oria, Vera Chok and Oneohtrix Point Never among others.

Stephen Canfield, WeTransfer’s vice president of marketing, said : “WeTransfer came from the creative community, and as a company we embrace projects like the Voyager Golden Record to inspire us. We’ve collaborated with 40 individuals and organizations from over 20 countries to put this together, and we’re humbled by the people we’ve been able to work with."

“We’ve had a strong commitment to arts and sciences since 2009, and this felt like a natural next step for us - closely collaborating with amazing people to tell a story that’s inspired so many. The Voyager Golden Record shows what we can do when we come together to create and share something bigger than us, and that feels like a welcome message in 2017. We hope others feel the same, and that we can use this to raise funding for more exploration and selfless acts of cultural diplomacy in the years to come.”

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