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Seasonal creative collaboration: a how to guide for marketers

Tis’ the season and all that jazz. Along with mulled wine, overdue catch ups and a longing for rest by the fire, it’s also time to think about next year. In among all the Christmas parties, some planning is in order.

Marketers continue to tell The Drum how coordinating effective seasonal campaigns is tough. Combining all the collateral, coordinating freelancers, assets and most importantly campaign communications poses a huge challenge.

Hosted by The Drum, a webinar “A festive campaign with all the trimmings: a how-to guide on collaborative creativity”, on December 14, will explore how marketers can create collaboratively and effectively using a DAM platform during any seasonal time of the year. Bynder has teamed up with Age UK to demonstrate how agencies can do this effectively and reach their targets.

Age UK and Bynder will be covering how campaigns are elevated by DAM and how using such a platform will deliver consistent results.

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