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WWF highlights the impact of illegal poaching through the eyes of an elephant in latest Christmas ad

WWF highlights the impact illegal wildlife trade has on elephants in latest Christmas ad

WWF’s Christmas ad has been released to showcase the trauma an elephant goes through when its herd is attacked and killed by poachers for tusks.

The spot was written and produced by All Mighty Pictures to explain how elephants are as emotional as humans and feel the loss in the same way as we do. Poachers attacking elephants, killing and then trading their tusks is shown through the reflection in elephant's eyes.

You can see the ad here -

According to WWF, around 55 elephants a day are killed for their tusks, with more African elephants being killed than are born. It further states that global illegal wildlife trade, including the ban on sales of ivory, is the fourth biggest international criminal trade worth over an estimated £15bn a year.

Tanya Steele, chief executive of WWF said: “Like all of us, elephants vary in many characteristics, emotions and personalities.

“The impact of poaching not only threatens the future of elephants, but it is strongly felt among them and leaves a lasting impression. Time and time again we see elephants grieve for those tragically killed.”

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