Localgiving’s ‘Winter Giving’ campaign aims to give local charities platform for donations

The online giving and support network for UK-based charities and community groups, Localgivng, is set to launch its campaign on #GivingTuesday (28 December).

During the campaign, Localgiving will aggregate campaign pages from different local charities, and rank them based on the amount of unique donors that support their cause. The campaign that receives the most funding and tops their leaderboard will receive an additional $300..

For local charities, Localgiving is a platform where they can receive publicity that they don’t get on a regular basis. Additionally, the network made a series of three webinars available to help participating charities make the most of the opportunity: running a successful fundraising appeal, reaching new audiences online, and running one-day fundraising campaigns.

The head of business development for Localgiving, Chris Dormer said, “Winter is traditionally a time for charity appeals. With a little thought, all of us could name a big charity appeal that has captured our attention at this time of year. Sadly, local charities and community groups are often overlooked at this time despite doing some of the most important work in hard to reach parts of our communities. This is an easy way for local groups to get neighbours, colleagues, family and friends on board – bringing attention, not only to their current campaign, but also to their wider work.”

The campaign ends on December 14th and a winner will be selected on December 15, Local Charities Day.