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Adidas launches smart shopping app which tailors suggestions based on consumers’ personal style

The move marks the first time the German sports giant has made forays into selling in-app / Adidas

Adidas has launched its own AI shopping app, which has been specially designed to offer a personalised experience for every customer based on their style and behaviour.

The move marks the first time the German sports giant has made forays into selling products in-app.

As well as offering easy access to the brand’s online store, the app serves up customised product recommendations and inspiration via a tailored feed of articles, blog posts and videos. It also gives users real-time updates about the sports, athletes and products they care about.

The direct-to-consumer platform is available on Google Play Store in the UK and US, with the brand promising to roll it out more widely in the first half of 2018.

When it comes to apps, sports brands have found success in tracking and fitness software. Adidas has an All Day Fitness app, while the Nike+ app has a whole range of accessories dedicated to it. More recently, the Adidas rival moved into e-commerce territory by introducing in-app shopping to its flagship + product. Like Adidas, Nike's offering also looks to embed itself in culture with content feeds and options to customise reccomendations.

Adidas says e-commerce is its fastest growing channel, so it’s a no-brainer that the company is bulking up the digital offering; redefining its digital presence is part of Adidas’ commitment to being more customer-centric. By 2020 the company plans to achieve €4bn in sales coming from its own e-commerce platforms, compared to €1bn in 2016

The app is powered by Salesforce and the launch was announced by Adidas chief executive on stage at the software giant’s annual Dreamforce 2017 event.

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