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The Influencer Content Barometer: Dude Perfect, Cole&Sav and Linus Tech Tips influencer video campaigns reviewed

As influencer content grows in stature within the marketing mix of the biggest brands in the world, in this special feature, RedPill, using its ratings system for such content, reviews three influencer videos and assesses the reasons behind their social performance.

Creative – Scores videos across five sub-categories: originality, on brand, creativity, craft and shareability (awarding a maximum of 20% for each, with the sum producing a rating out of 100%).

Exposure - RED_TECH benchmarks video views for similar content on the influencer’s channel and measures over-performance against it. Trending content will score higher exposure.

Engagement - Calculated by dividing total engagements by total views, then measuring it against the average engagement rate for the content category to quantify it as a percentage.

Cross-Platform - Analyses the organic success of a video outside of YouTube through shares, referrals and embeds.

Total Score - Average across all four categories above.

Estimated ROI - Estimated by assessing the overall performance across the four categories, industry ROI benchmarks and the influencer’s average fees.

Soccer Trick Shots ft. Chelsea F.C. | Dude Perfect

Creative: 74%

Exposure: 80%

Engagement: 44%

Cross-Platform: 78%

Total Score: 69%

Estimated ROI: 7/1

This kick-ass video boots off with a perfectly timed mid-air twin-football crossbar trick-shot. Woah, was that a mouthful! Hyper-enthused Dallas grown YouTube sensations Dude Perfect have teamed up with a handful of Chelsea footballers, to bring you a creative trick-shot video sponsored by Yokohama Tyres. The tyres are featured in a number of the spectacular trick-shots, as a demonstration of the many alternative uses for the versatile rubber donuts. Who really uses tyres on cars these days anyway?

With a subscriber count of 22m+, it’s no surprise that Dude Perfect have a talented video production team. Their snappy edits and punchy motion graphics really bring this influencer video to life. The guys have come a long way from shooting on a camcorder in their backyard.

The piece is captivating to watch as there appears to be a familiar, playful chemistry between the Chelsea players and the Texan YouTubers. It’s always refreshing to see a world-class sporting club getting on-side to create content for the modern age of digital consumption. To stay relevant as a sporting club these days, it’s vital to keep up with the trends, or risk losing your next generation of supporters.

Cole & Sav - Audible

Creative: 60%

Exposure: 78%

Engagement: 16%

Cross-Platform: 3%

Total Score: 39%

Estimated ROI: 4/1

If Abercrombie & Fitch designed influencers, these two profoundly beautiful people would be the number one export. They also happen to exemplify all that are relationship goals. They are a young, fun loving couple who also happen to listen to audiobooks on their plane rides. This is just as well for Audible, who have sponsored this piece of influencer content.

The sales pitch comes in early for viewers to checkout, however the brand doesn’t get a mention for the remainder of the 9-minute clip. The footage doesn’t have any real clear intention and is shot home video style. Disjointed and amateurish, but alas, many times that is the nature of influencer content. Consumers tend to thoroughly enjoy this type voyerisom (made clear by their 2.9M subscribers) of peeking into the lives of beautiful, successful people - however this particular video isn’t remarkably engaging.

The clickbait title is frustrating in a time where honesty from publishers is becoming more scarce. ‘The Airport Took Our Baby’, is a misleading allusion to their daughter’s baby doll being scanned (not even taken) by airport security. The video did rack up a whopping 3.9 million views, which no doubt is in part due to the sketchy title. I wonder how many of these viewers were disappointed and lost trust in the perfect couple.

This video is not terribly memorable and the link to the brand sponsor isn’t very robust. Cole and Sav are lucky I already have a subscription to Audible, because this content didn’t do much to peak my interest. From a marketing perspective, it had very impressive engagement and views, but from a personal perspective - It’s not my cup of eggs.

Linus Tech Tips - NVIDIA

Creative: 87%

Exposure: 99%

Engagement: 67%

Cross-Platform: 84%

Total Score: 84%

Estimated ROI: 8/1

Finally, a video for the hoards of people out there who love combining their passions of video gaming with outdoor camping. I have to admit, I was initially sceptical - expecting a tiresome, drawn out, nerdy video. I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself literally lolling from a number of ironically steeped jokes and absurd suggestions, such as a full camouflage kit to keep other humans away from your gaming station.

This light and jocular piece of content is sponsored by MSI and NVIDIA, and produced by tech influencer ‘Linus Tech Tips’. Many influencer videos contain a quick nod to a product or brand and then move on to unrelated content that the creative influencer produces. In this video however, MSI and NVIDIA products seamlessly feature throughout most of the video. They are of course vital to the set-up of your ultimate outdoor camping gaming battle station.

This is a sturdy piece of well-produced content that brilliantly connects with the target audience. The success lies in the combination of well-written gags together with detailed information - like how many gallons of petrol your generator will need to keep you gaming for an entire weekend (for those interested, it’s four gallons). Even if you’re not a computer nerd, these videos are still worth it for the Lols.

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