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The Drum

Outside London, consumers a fifth more likely to think brands are ignoring them

Mind the Gap

As a leading world capital of culture and business, it is easy for brands to focus their efforts on London, however, publisher Trinity Mirror has explored which of the UK’s top companies are performing best outside the metropolitan centre.

Tapping into the recent political turmoil around the Brexit and the Conservative’s slim majority in parliament, research from Trinity Mirror took a look at the wider advertising ecosystem in the UK as part of its new Brand Index.

It found that 86% (46 of 56) leading consumers brands garnered a negative relevance with people outside of London, indicating a real issue that will need to be tackled by the industry.

2,000 people were asked a range of questions about how relevant brands are to them in their local area, by BDRC Continental. Non-Londoners were 11% more likely to say brands are out of touch with people in their local area. They were a 25% more likely to claim brands don’t understand people in their local area and 21% more likely to say advertising is not targeted at them.

When asked if they cared whether certain brands existed, 48 of the 56 brands scored 40% or more for ‘no’.

Andrew Tenzer, head of group insight for Trinity Mirror, said; “Although there has been much talk of a London bubble, by looking at a brand level this index really helps us to understand the severity of the situation.

“Now more than ever brands need to ensure they are connecting with people, especially outside London.”