Behind the scenes on the Do It Day animated promo video

The Animation Guys managing director on Do It Day and the idea behind The Drum 'minions'

Do It Day's mission is to empower marketers to change the world and that is exactly what it aims to to do for 2017.

Doing their part for Do It Day, the team over at The Animation Guys created a video to explain exactly what the campaign is and what participants will do over the coming months.

The Drum spoke to Jamien Middleton, managing director of The Animation Guys about the origins behind the video and their involvement with Do It Day.

What was the creative process of the animation?

For us the premise was to give the audience a chance to identify with quite simplistic characters, as illustrated in the video. At the heart of this project, it is very fun and playful and I think we had a lot of enjoyment in creating the storyboard and seeing the project through from start to finish. As well as using an exaggerated form character animation which we think complimented the video beautifully.

Where did you get the inspiration to create the little Drum 'minions'?

How we came to this idea was from looking at what Do It Day is about and the fact that it is almost like crafting briefs and seeing it thought to the end. In a way, we wanted it to feel almost a little bit embryonic in style and a little bit sketchy, to speak to agencies that we are going to be able to collaborate with on Do It Day, and also to keep it very fun and entertaining for us in house.

What are your reasons behind being involved with DID?

What attracted us to it was the passion from the people at The Drum and I think in the marketing and advertising world, just the fact that you have got a chance to reach such a wider audience with just the nature of our businesses and actually use that for the greater good, seemed like a very fresh and interesting concept and we were very excited from the start.

What do you think about Do It Day?

The concept of Do It Day itself, there's a very intrinsic value to what it is all about. I believe that going forward, this is something that can really influence a lot of different cultures and help with some current events to help not only destigmatise mental health, but also to continue to live on within the project.

How important is Do It Day for the industry to get involved with?

If you are in the creative agency space, is looking to communicate and influence people in one way or another, Do it Day gives people an opportunity to speak to others in a way that they normally wouldn't be able to.

What do you think the industry should take from Do It Day?

Do it Day is a premise to be able to take on a brief and infiltrate that and that's great but I think looking further on from that how can they make an impact in their everyday life and maybe looking at how they can better society through the work that they are doing.

The Animation Guys, a sponsor for Do It Day, are a versatile studio and create original and innovative content. To get involved and help change the norms around mental health, go to the campaign website and register your interest now.

Do It Day hack will be followed by a fringe week from Monday 13 November to Friday 17 along with the Marketing Can Change The World Awards on Thursday 16 November.

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