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PulsePoint at Cannes Lions Health: ‘Health data is the new oxygen’

The healthcare industry is constantly innovating with new technologies but has it kept up with the pace of digital marketing? For SVP/GM of digital solutions at PulsePoint, Chris Neuner, while healthcare marketers need to be educated on the use of data and technology, he’s seen some positive impact on the industry.

“Digital marketing has impacted the health industry by being able to find that needle in the haystack. It’s been able to find specific patient populations where sometimes it’s only 500 to 1000 patients globally,” he says.

In the video interview with The Drum, in partnership with PulsePoint, Neuner explains how commonalities exist between the two industries as marketers face the challenge of targeting the patient at exactly the right moment.

“What’s really important is that each patient journey is very individual to the specific patient and [getting]the right creative and communication to that person at the right time is extremely important for healthcare,” he says.

In the future, Neuner says personalised data will play a big role in transforming healthcare.

He says: “If radical health personalisation is powered by data, then health data is the new oxygen that we breathe in order to drive better health outcomes. It’s around personalisation, insights around that personalisation, and lastly, it’s around the technology which brings it all together.

Watch his full interview above

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