Massive Chinese click fraud farm raided in Thailand

A massive click farm has been raided and shut down in Thailand

A Chinese click fraud farm has been raided in Thailand, with three Chinese nationals arrested by the police according to a report by the Bangkok Post.

This comes as the ad industry continues its fight against ad fraud.

Thai police found hundreds of smartphones on metal frames connected to computer monitors, as well almost 350,000 unused SIM cards.

The three Chinese nationals, Wang Dong, Niu Bang, and Ni Wenjin, were arrested on charges of working without a permit and smuggling SIM cards into the country.

The trio confessed to police that they were operating sock puppet accounts on WeChat, and were used to increase page views of products for the last three months.

Charges to working illegally in Thailand can be a sentence of up to five years in prison, however, the three men are reportedly likely to pay a fine before being deported to China.

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