Protein World marketer hopes the stir up the Tube again with V24 ad

Think Small

The Protein World marketer behind the deeply loathed 'Beach Body Ready?' ad is back with a campaign for own company which he hopes will end up touching down with as many people as his last adverting effort.

Richard Staveley, was the head of marketing at Protein World during the infamous ‘Beach Body Ready?’ campaign that gained global notoriety, thus sealing a place in the history books as the textbook example of how to infuriate a populace. He hopes to emulate some of the traction if not vitriol, of that campaign with his latest efforts for V24.

The protein shot, that Staveley developed with creative director Warren Steyn and Irish businessman Ciaran Greenwood, contains 97 calories and is running in the tube with the 'Think Small' tag.

Staveley said: “The strap line is a deliberate play on the traditional notion of 'thinking big’. We have released a shot that contains 24g of protein in only 60ml, which under most circumstances would be acknowledged as small.

The campaign was launched with a model in the tube, Staveley goes well into detail about the 'Think Small' proposition. "The model is a fit, healthy and strong female and we’re proud she is fronting this campaign. ‘Think Small,’ refers to the size of the bottle.”

The press release for the product reads: “Both guys and girls increasingly appreciate that protein also means recovery, weight loss, health and beauty, not just gyms and muscles. Many of the products out there though still rely on mixing powder with almost half a litre of fluid. It can be inconvenient and even bloating.

“There is also an increase in demand for dairy and gluten free. V24 addresses all of these issues by combining quality, innovation and convenience and I’m proud of our innovation.”

The ad is unlikely to be as controversial as Khloe Kardashian's decision to star in a Protein World.

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