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Latest From Profile Hub: Hyundai Stands Up To Cancer, AI, VR and Kraft hot dog rebranding

Oscar Mayer hot dog rebrand

The Drum loves great content and our Profile Hub platform offers companies the chance to upload their own content to share their news and knowledge with The Drum’s online audiences. In this week’s Profile Hub content round-up we look at How Hyundai is Standing Up To Cancer, why you should be using VR in your training and some tasty new branding from Kraft.

Collective: Hyundai proudly sponsors Stand Up To Cancer

Collective London has created the promotional micro-site and got our photography team out supporting Hyundai's world-first Contactless Car- the IONIQ - at an event as part of the brands #DriveTheRebellion fundraising campaign for Stand Up To Cancer.

IONIQ has five embedded contactless payment points where people can TAP TO GIVE™ £5 or £10 to Stand Up To Cancer. The bespoke car reacts to every donation through audio, visual or electronic movement. Hyundai's brand ambassadors- Double Olympic Champion Nicola Adams and TV Presenter Jake Humphrey were on hand to help encourage donations.

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Kiss: AI, machine learning and marketing: a brave new world

Over the last year, we’ve heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. While much of the industry is at an early stage we are now starting to see how these new technologies have a place in marketing.

Firstly though, what is it? At its heart, machine learning is a subset of AI: one or more algorithms drilling at lightning speed through data from past events, to look for patterns and react in a useful way. For example, autonomous cars like Uber’s driverless taxi and Annheiser-Busch’s ‘driverless’ truck - both successfully trialled in 2016 - work this way using data collected from millions of past journeys to help their vehicle make good decisions on the road. Tesla’s Autopilot software has data from over 200 million miles.

All suffer from being overhyped and are likely to see more challenges from regulators, customers and other road-users, but they show the power of machine learning at its best, building up masses of data and using ever-smarter algorithms to ping back the right response in milliseconds, arguably more reliably than any human could.

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Visualise: Five Reasons To Use VR in Training

Workforce training is one area where virtual reality is being used to great effect. VR has the unique ability to transport you to an entirely fabricated, yet completely real environment, and this makes it perfect for educating individuals & teams on the different scenarios they may face whilst doing their jobs.

In this article, we run through some of the key advantages of utilising VR in training:

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Bulletproof: Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs redesign

The Kraft Heinz Company has partnered with Bulletproof to refresh the packaging design for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs to coincide with the exciting recipe changes to its entire line of products. The agency was appointed to the project in August 2016.

With growing consumer skepticism about artificial preservatives, added nitrates and nitrites and by-products, sales of hot dogs have been in decline with consumers purchasing less frequently or leaving the category altogether. Kraft Heinz briefed Bulletproof to create a new pack design for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, which clearly communicated the delicious taste of their ‘dogs’ while reassuring consumers that only quality ingredients are used in the product range.

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Cuckoo: Carpino Place Full Brand Campaign

English Cities Fund (ECf) – a joint venture between Muse Developments, Legal & General Property and the Homes and Communities Agency – appointed Cuckoo for their fourth new development, Carpino Place, which forms part of the wider £650m Salford Central Regeneration Scheme. The development consists of 22 luxury 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses situated just 10 minutes from the city centre.

Cuckoo were appointed to develop the brand, leading the naming, visual identity and full communications strategy. The objective was to maintain the momentum of the wider regeneration project whilst continuing the progression of Chapel Street, paying homage to the wonderful heritage. The challenge was not only to sell homes, but also a new way of life and community surrounded by history and culture.

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