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Burger King accused of running meal deal promotion in concentration camp car park

A Dachau memorial urging 'Never Again'

Fast food chain Burger King has been accused of disrespecting the dead by running a flyer campaign in the vicinity of Dachau concentration camp.

From 1933 to 1945, more than 33,000 people were murdered at the concentration camp in Germany and today more than 800,000 people a year visit the memorial.

German national newspaper Welt reports that a local Burger King has been accused of distributing flyers in Dachau’s car park, an incident that brought about an injunction against the company in March after visitors complained that their cars were fly-posted with meal deal offers.

Dr Gabriele Hammermann, head of the site, said he went to the lengths of banning the franchise to maintain “the dignity of the place,” adding that the foundation “perceives advertising at the site, which is for many a place of mourning and also a cemetery, as inappropriate.”

Ronny Klein, the owner of the local Burger King franchise, has branded the clash as a “misunderstanding”, claiming that his venture did not distribute the flyers, and as a result, the case continues in the district court upon his appeal of the injunction.

The Drum has contacted Burger King for a statement and will update accordingly.

It has been a macabre week for the world's leading fast food chains. Just yesterday (16 May) McDonald's was heavily criticised for running an ad equating a Filet-o-Fish meal as a salve for childhood bereavement.

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