Ad of the Day: Oxfam takes cues from vintage movie credits to promise ‘The End’ of extreme poverty

The End is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood

Oxfam has unveiled a social and poster campaign that aims to reposition extreme poverty as an issue that can have a definitive ending.

Created by Y&R London, The End takes inspiration from the final shot of vintage Hollywood movies. This grainy, desaturated title card is overlaid onto photos of extreme poverty in the developing world, accompanied by the message: ‘Extreme poverty has been halved in just fifteen years. Together we can make it a story from the past’.

The imagery will be released across print, out-of-home and digital out-of-home. A moving version of the poster will be released on social.

Jon Burley, chief creative officer at Y&R London, said: “Oxfam’s commitment to end extreme poverty is admirable and real, and it deserves a creative idea with the ambition to match. The use of classically-designed cinematic end titles to deliver the belief that poverty is a condition that should be consigned to history is a beautifully simple yet powerful construct, and we’re extremely proud of the impact and timeliness of this campaign.”

Jack Lundie, director of communications at Oxfam, said: “The series of print, OOH, DOOH and social executions aim to counteract common, inherent, negative assumptions around solving extreme poverty. The posters represent a call to arms, inspiring people to join the Oxfam cause and support their commitment to bring about ‘The End’ of poverty.”

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