By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

April 28, 2017 | 3 min read

Divorce in the Arab world is seen as a man’s prerogative, and a subject not often discussed. Wunderman MENA has taken steps to address divorce in a new video campaign that brings a real father and daughter together.

“Speak Your Heart” is an effort by Brooke Bond Red Label Tea (Unilever) to tackle bold subjects in Arab society that spark mass, heartfelt debates.

The video and behind-the-scenes interview feature Ohoud, an entrepreneur and a mother, as she seeks her father’s support and acceptance to get out of a marriage she knows is not good for her. She speaks behind a curtain, with her voice disguised, to her father. He thinks that he is talking with a stranger. Over cups of tea, they discuss her failing marriage. She is reticent, but knows she needs to talk about the matter. He is practical, asking about children and saying that both sides need to talk and that it is a difficult societal issue. Her father is unaware that the woman speaking behind the curtain is his own daughter until the end when they come together in an emotional meeting.

By showcasing a real-life conversation between a daughter and her father, the video turns the societal stereotypes around by shifting the focus onto an empowered Arab woman who shares her point of view on an unsuccessful marriage as well as the challenges that it entails.

“Ohoud is not only real, but every bit as strong as she comes across here. She inspired us to take the ‘Speak Your Heart’ platform to the next level, wherein we could tackle difficult subjects from a very ear-to-the-ground viewpoint,” said Piotr Chrobot, executive creative director at Wunderman MENA.

The campaign aims to demonstrate how a genuine conversation, perhaps over a cup of tea (the branding is subtle), can help people find common ground and have heart-to-heart exchanges with the ones in our lives who matter the most.


Agency: Wunderman MENA

Piotr Chrobot: Executive Creative Director

Louis Moghabghab: Creative Group Head

Hassan Bilgrami: Senior Copywriter

Nabila Zaidi: Copywriter

Shimaa Nabil: Copywriter

Nidheesh Jose: Artworker

Alvaro Bretel: Strategy Director

Carla Louis: Creative Services Manager

Georges Kallab: Group Account Director

Pooja Sookur: Junior Account Director

Anjali Makhija: Senior Account Executive

Production House: Monda

Raja Zgheib: Producer

Myrna Maakaron: Director

DOP: Anne Misslewitz


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