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EU reviews sponsorship, product placement and ads on TV in child protection drive

Europe is looking to protect children from TV and online content

MEPs are legislating to protect children from illicit content portraying violence, hatred, terrorism and harmful advertising both on TV and across the internet.

Culture Committee MEPs advocated more stringent child protections across a fragmented media base throughout member states.

A leading suggestion was for video platforms to have in place an “easy-to-use mechanism” allowing users to report questionable content unsuitable for children.

The committee also proposed banning advertising and product placement for tobacco, e-cigarettes and alcohol in children’s TV programmes and video-sharing platforms.

Rapporteur Sabine Verheyen (EPP, DE) said: "We proposed adapting some of the rules applying to programmes on television to internet services, such as rules on advertising, product placement and sponsorship. Certain advertising in programmes aimed at a children's audience will be restricted, allowed only to a very limited extent or will be prohibited in general."

The propositions still require full parliamentary approval. It will discuss the findings in Strasbourg 15 May.

Read the legislature here.