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Hollywood industry heavyweights reject classic French films in a spot promoting French cinema

Ogilvy & Mather help promote French Cinema with Hollywood experiment

Alliance Française de Singapour has launched an online film in which Hollywood cinema industry leaders are duped into rejecting the synopses of a French film that’s already a success.

The film, which industry heavyweights such as Andrew Licht who produced Cable Guy and Water World, sees ideas for films that are critically acclaimed being turned away for being too sad or not making sense.

Alliance Française de Singapour, part of a global network promoting French language and culture, hopes that the film highlights the commitment that French cinema makes to non-commercial themes and plots.

“We are very excited by this campaign as we feel it conveys French cinema’s depth of scriptwriting in a fresh and humorous way. The intention is not to be, obviously, in competition with Hollywood but to broaden audience’s horizons. We’re eager to see how this film will help to promote French cinema in Singapore and abroad and attract larger, more diverse audiences,” said, Anne-Garance Primel, executive director of Alliance Française deSingapour.

The campaign, by Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, is directly promoting events and activities for people and children in Singapore, such as Ciné-Club.

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