Pepsi's brand image has improved 44% following ad fiasco

Despite drawing worldwide condemnation and being forced to pull its recent advert starring Kendal Jenner, Pepsi's brand sentiment has actually improved, with 44% of people saying they had a more favourable view of the soda company after watching the ad.

The survey was conducted by Morning Consult and asked 2000 Americans how their opinion of the global corporation changed after watching the advert. It found that 44% of people had a more favourable view of the fizzy drinks company after watching the ad, while only a quarter had a less favourable view.

Meanwhile, 32% of Americans said the ad made them more likely to buy Pepsi products, versus 20% who were less likely.

However, the advert itself didn't appear to pull any favours for Jenner. Just 28% of those surveyed said it made them see Jenner more favourably.

The overall lift in brand perception will come as welcome news to Pepsi who admitted that it had "missed the mark" with the advert, which was criticised for trivialising social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter.