#NewUnitedAirlinesMottos: Social media users take up a righteous and brutal advertising brief


The United Airlines brand has suffered irreversible damage this week after it made the mistake of forcibly reaccomodating a passenger off an oversold flight- imagery that went viral resulting in an instantaneous backlash.

The company rolled out a distant and widely panned statement – days later replacing it with a much more on-the-ball response in which it finally accepted some responsibility for the incident.

In some United backroom, an ad type has probably been charting the future path of the brand, a rebrand? A PR offensive?

Over the last few days while this has been happening, social media users have been mocking up mottos, logos and branding for the company.

Indicative of a new generation where the public will take on an advertising brief – albeit in the spirit of humour – here’s some of the boldest or funniest entries rolling on Twitter.

Even some brands got in on the action.

Southwest (fake)

Ahem Pornhub and RedTube Emma…

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