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Domain releases branded comedy series 'States BBQ' about Australian property

Australian real estate site, Domain, has released a new comedy series about the world of Australian property called ‘States BBQ,’ sponsored by home loan lender ME.

The six episode series was written by Domain and produced by Engine Room Productions. The series centred around the current climate of the property market, broaching topics such as house prices, commuting, proximity, first homes, dream homes and investing.

The series explores the key considerations for homeowners in each Australian capital city, pitting them up against each other in a fun and engaging away.

“What better way to talk about the current state of the Australian property market than having an unofficial COAG over snags? Apologies to the NT and ACT - with South Australia and Tassie barely invited, it’s a hard table at which to nab a seat. PS, could someone please help me pay my mortgage?" said Damien Cassar, lead creative, Engine Room Productions.

“ME’s brief challenged us to think creatively, specifically asking for a big idea that would break new ground and challenge convention. When we started streaming live auctions on Facebook, we were able to witness in real time the sentiment of Australians in different states towards the current property market. Capturing that sentiment and turning it into a humorous video series was the perfect way of bringing ME's cheeky and charming brand persona to life,” said Katie Harper, content and brand partnerships manager, Domain.

“The videos have struck a chord and cut through with our audience as seen by the 190,000 views on our site and across social since its launch. We're aiming to build awareness around ME's brand simultaneously by distributing the videos on Facebook but also within insightful articles online, integrating ME spokespeople and data,” she added.

“Our brand steps aside the conventional and engages on issues that everyone is talking about, so Domain’s new BBQ series was naturally a perfect fit,” said Patrick Nolan, head of home loans, ME.

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