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Canadian stationary store tells a heartwarming love story in Valentine’s Day ad

The notion of actually writing out a note to someone seems quaint when you consider that communicating via emoji has now become the norm, but a Canadian stationary store called Take Note is hoping that its latest campaign will inspire people to put down their phones for a little and reconsider the power of putting pen to paper.

The short film, created by BBDO Toronto, tells the story of one couple’s relationship through the handwritten notes that they’ve written to one another. The notes span from the night they first met all the way through their marriage, first child and the eventual death of one of the spouses, all of which make for an emotional story that showcases both the high and low points of their relationship.

At the beginning of the film, the notes predictably strike a cheerful tone as the young couple experience many “firsts” together – at one point, the wife leaves her husband a note on the counter that simply reads “!!!” next to a positive pregnancy test. As the film progresses, the notes become more curt as the two try to juggle work and parenting responsibilities, but the two ultimately resolve their marital issues and continue writing notes to each other until the wife passes away.

“Leaving a note for someone is so much more personal and thoughtful than a text,” said Chris Booth, associate creative director at BBDO Toronto, in a statement. “We wanted to remind people how meaningful such a simple thing can be.”

The video currently has more than 3,000 views on Take Note’s Facebook page. The store plans to support the film with promoted posts throughout the month of February.