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Red passion, black credibility and orange extroversion: what does your brand's colour say about you?

Towergate Insurance colouring your brand

Red alert, green well-being or blue sweetness? What does your brand's logo really depict about your core messaging?

80 percent of the visual information we receive from a brand's logo comes from its colour, provoking a psychological reaction to the brand itself.

Insurance provider Towergate, in collaboration with digital and SEO agency Builtvisible, has created an infographic revealing the role of colour in determining people’s initial impressions of a brand. The research delves into each industry sector, describing what feeling the logo colour emits to the consumer.

The study reveals that colour reactions differ across sectors. For example, red evokes 'attention' in the food and drink industry, enthuses 'passion' in the fashion sector and 'warmth and safety' in airline companies.

The infographic below further explores what logo colours say about brands.

Edna Oliveros, digital content editor at Builtvisible, said of the research: “We gathered 520 brands logos from 26 different industries. We selected the top 20 companies of each industry for the most part gathered from ‘The World’s Biggest Public Companies’ on Forbes. We wanted to identify whether certain industries favoured particular colours or colour combinations to determine whether they may be trying to trigger a certain psychological response in the viewer.”

Bilal Dhami, head of ecommerce at Towergate, said: “As a specialist insurance broker in the SME space, we know that getting your brand right is important. We wanted to provide an informative guide for businesses so we researched the top 20 brands, across various industries, to see what works and really resonates with consumers. We then used the information from our research to create this easily digestible infographic which focuses on current trends and demonstrates what can be achieved on varying budgets.”

Builtvisible's clients include, The Telegraph and Red Bull.

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