Andrew Eborn and Richard J. Hillgrove to shine a light on media and marketing's 'dark arts' in Bang On column

Andrew Eborn and Richard J. Hillgrove VI

The Drum is today launching a new column promising to shine a bright light on some of media's dark arts, debunking the tricks and techniques behind the world's biggest stories, marketing campaigns and stunts.

Bang On will be authored by the Octopus TV chief executive Andrew Eborn and PR man Richard J. Hillgrove VI, who will together take a no-nonsense approach to dissecting and analysing modern public relations and marketing.

They pledge to "tip the tables up on world leaders, brands and countries who all often think they can hide behind the smoke and mirrors via their communications professionals".

And they kick off by exploring the "diversionary approach to PR" practiced by the figure dominating headlines around the world right now – new US president Donald Trump.

"It’s the full-fat Coke and greasy fry-up tabloid approach to mass audience manipulation that offers immediate gratification and satisfaction guaranteed just as long as you don’t scrutinise the long-term too closely," they write.

Bang On will be published by The Drum weekly.

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