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Angel Soft continues its “be soft, be strong” message in latest heartwarming ad

Angel Soft’s ongoing “Be Soft, Be Strong” campaign celebrates unconventional families whose members successfully persevere through life despite their lack of cookie-cutter familial roles.

The brand’s latest ad, “Just Dad,” is no exception: it features a single father who tries his best to raise his daughter even when the going gets tough – for example, the spot opens with him explaining to a prudish older woman why he’s standing in the women’s bathroom line.

While the ad occasionally slips into the bumbling dad trope (at one point, he awkwardly tries to console his daughter when she gets her first period by telling her she’s “becoming a woman”), it’s mostly a sweet tale of a father-daughter duo who manage to get through life’s obstacles together - with a little help from some Angel Soft toilet paper, of course.

Two other shorter ads round out Angel Soft’s latest installment of “Be Soft, Be Strong” – one features a pregnant woman who relies on Angel Soft when she wakes up numerous times throughout the night to pee, while another features a dad who tries to make his son laugh to help him get through his first breakup.

Created by Deutsch, “Be Soft, Be Strong” launched in 2015 with an emotional spot called “Happy Father’s Day, Mom” that featured real people sharing their stories of being raised by a single mother.