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Viral tourism ad for Australia’s Northern Territories branded ‘obscene’

Viral tourism ad for Australia’s Northern Territories branded ‘obscene’

An unofficial tourism campaign which went viral in November has been branded ‘obscene’ by Australia’s Advertising Standards Board for its use of profane language.

CU in the NT used acronyms to shocking effect to get its message across, swiftly sweeping the web with many believing it to be an official slogan for Australia’s Northern Territories.

It was in fact created by NTOfficial.com, an unofficial body which describes itself as representing the ‘true spirit’ of the arid region.

Valerie Smith, executive at the Northern Territories actual tourism department, said: “We do agree with the Advertising Standards Board that their key slogan is obscene. I think it did perhaps tap into a bit of the larrikinism [mischievous] sense of humour. It did get a lot of people talking about the Territory”

The divisive promotion was labelled ‘crass’ and ‘derogatory’ for its use of the foul-mouthed term but has also served to raise international awareness of the Northern Territories and reinforce a reputation for irreverent humour.

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