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Team Coco and AT&T launch augmented reality app to celebrate Conan O'Brien's week of New York shows


Conan O’Brien last night kicked off a week of shows in New York City, where he launched his career as the host of Late Night.

To celebrate his return, Team Coco launched Catch Coco, a gaming experience created with AT&T that gives New Yorkers the chance to “catch” Conan collectibles at 15 iconic New York City landmarks. The game leverages augmented reality technology, capitalizing on the popularity of games like Pokemon Go. When players are close to a collectible (names after different deli sandwiches), the app will change to a live camera view.

Fans outside of New York can also play. Once a day, users who download the app and enable push notifications will have the chance to catch collectibles at home.

For those on the ground in New York, the first fan to catch all 15 collectibles will win tickets to one of the New York show tapings and will meet Conan. Home winners will be entered into a sweepstakes for a Conan swag bag.

AT&T has been an eager Conan partner for out-of-the-ordinary events. In July, the brand teamed up with Conan for his series of shows at San Diego Comic-Con. For this week’s New York shows, which take place at the Apollo, AT&T is the exclusive sponsor and will have a presence within the Catch Conan app and on the digital landing page (

Ads promoting the app are running across TBS, and CONAN is featuring in-show brand integrations teasing to the experience. More, Turner is leveraging its Launchpad social solution to help AT&T reach its target audience to promote the execution across Team Coco's social handles.